Oct 24, 2010

Cousin Vs Cousin

If someone walked up to you and said "Hey, I'm your third cousin, twice removed," would you have any idea what they meant? Most people have a good understanding of basic relationship words such as "mother," "father," "aunt," "uncle," "brother," and "sister." But what about the relationship terms that we don't use in everyday speech? Terms like "second cousin" and "first cousin, once removed"? We don't tend to speak about our relationships in such exact terms ("cousin" seems good enough when you are introducing one person to another), so most of us aren't familiar with what these words mean. 
Relationship Terms
Sometimes, especially when working on your family history, it's handy to know how to describe your family relationships more exactly. The definitions below should help you out.
Cousin (a.k.a "first cousin") : Your first cousins are the people in your family who have two of the same grandparents as you. In other words, they are the children of your aunts and uncles. 
Second Cousin: Your second cousins are the people in your family who have the same great-grandparents as you., but not the same grandparents.
Third, Fourth, and Fifth Cousins: Your third cousins have the same great-great-grandparents, fourth cousins have the same great-great-great-grandparents, and so on. 
Removed: When the word "removed" is used to describe a relationship, it indicates that the two people are from different generations. You and your first cousins are in the same generation (two generations younger than your grandparents), so the word "removed" is not used to describe your relationship.The words "once removed" mean that there is a difference of one generation. For example, your mother's first cousin is your first cousin, once removed. This is because your mother's first cousin is one generation younger than your grandparents and you are two generations younger than your grandparents. This one-generation difference equals "once removed. "Twice removed means that there is a two-generation difference. You are two generations younger than a first cousin of your grandmother, so you and your grandmother's first cousin are first cousins, twice removed.Aricle Source: genealogy.com

Oct 2, 2010

Enthiran - The Robot

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This movie is still running inside me even though I came outta the theatre 50 hours ago. I woke up at 4 AM for the first-day, first-show of Enthiran – The Robot. Never before a movie was screened at 5 in the morning ! Fans were already going berserk throughout the night, cracking fireworks, dancing, pouring milk on posters by the time we reached the theatre.
Such an astounding sci-fi master piece in terms of Indian movie standards is unthinkable. Undoubtedly the best movie I have ever seen. Big thanks to my friend Karthik who secured us a seat. It had the perfect mix – Indian aspects with International standards. Minutest detail was given to every facet, all credits to Shankar, our dashing director, one of the creative minds around. Despite those little flaws in logic on certain occasions, I still rate it 15/10. CG was stunning. Those Indians who frequently watch Hollywood movies can easily distinguish the CG work done in Indian movies. The animation work that we do here was no way near the Hollywood standards so far but Enthiran proved it otherwise. It's truly breath-taking. And do you know who was given this special effects job? It's Stan Winston studios, the same team that rocked in Avatar, Terminator, Jurassic Park!
Most of the movie success can be attributed to CG. Also adding up to the bill was screen play, dialogues, Rahman’s on-the-movie BG. But it was Rajini’s name that created huge expectation to the movie. Presence of Aish will make it popular on the bolloywood street but Rajini is no stranger there !
The first half makes you laugh, laugh and laugh. The later keeps you engrossed, especially the final 45 minutes, stamps you at the edge of the edge of your seat. Not even a single scene you would feel to have been omitted. We enjoyed watching every frame. I have read ‘Standing Ovation’ on magazines to emphasize brilliance but saw it in front of my eyes for the first time! All the audience, stood up after the stunning movie ended, and applauded unfeignedly!

Little did Rajinikanth play yet it’s been years since we saw him simple and for the first time, a director’s hero and as well as a Scientist. Those diving fights and punch dialogues was never been part of the movie. That makes it a special superstar flick. A Rajini movie without a PUNCH DIALOGUE. There were cribbing fans who got satiated with the ROBO that portrayed him as a dazzling dancer, acrobatic fighter, and a vibrant villan – sequences that Rajinikant cannot do on his own.
Unlike those Hollywood Terminators, Aliens and Predators, where machines fight each other and die, ROBOT has a different story. What will happen if machines think? What if they start taking decisions on their own? What if a ROBO fall in LOVE? What if a ROBO is made FOR THE PEOPLE? For the benefit of the common man?
It’s an unique treat to watch a ROBO cook, dance, drive, sing, reason out, fight and fun to watch it henna hands decoratively, poke the police, hunt mosquitoes and tamper Televisions! It is even capable of doing surgery, argues as a lawyer in cours, fights fire as a fireman too.

Not sure if the International audience could appreciate much but Indian-born are awarded with effervescent entertainment. Aish was amazing and awe-inspiring. Was looking more gorgeous than Raavan (as her role gave little attire options). She can still win six more Ms.world titles. No surprise to see even a machine falling for her!

Techies will enjoy certain scenes. One cop asks the name and the Robo replies, “I don’t have a name. My IP is 136.67…” and evokes laughter. When rajini was training it for voice, it said, “Hello World”, a testing print statement normally used on all technologies. Also, it will say, "I love Sana DOT". Actually a bug in it's program which makes the machine spell periods ! When it speaks, it ends a statement with DOT which is indeed humorous than illogical !

Santhanam and Karunaas did not add much value to the comedy quotient. They could’ve been used better or removed from the movie. Songs are good but not the best. May be as days progresses, my mind might change :P The stunts on the train, the cop chase and the ones at the climax were NEW to TAMIL CINEMA and deserves a distinction.On top of all the story, the message at the end was marvelous. Like the Robo involving in ill-will after programming the red chip, mankind does the same in terms of illwill, hatred, bitterness, and jealousy. One should throw away everything and live life the way it’s meant to be !

Stop finding faults in story and illogical scenes. Just an entertainment movie.  Go to theatres, watch the treat and enjoy. I would’ve called it a ‘Must’est Watch if there existed a superlative equivalent for ‘must’ !

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