Mar 29, 2010

PCB: Super Sack Stories

Why is the Pakistan Cricket Board so angry with it's players ?
This News article from cricinfo says that almost all the senior players are  sacked for their poor-performance in the recently concluded Away-series in Australia.

How did the board forget them Winning the T20 World-Cup recently ?!

Only in India things are a bit different. However humiliating the defeat is, BCCI remains calm but the whole country will destroy the buildings of the players. Below video is a good instance when we lost the T20 world cup ;-)

Mar 28, 2010

IPL Advertisements - Awful :(

IPL has become business. It already was, but now in IPL-3 2010, it's getting worser. The way Media & Advertisements has spread across the IPL, it's absolutely annoying. Fully frustrating. For every shot played, every catch taken - there is an ad association.
  • For every catch taken, the commentator (is forced to or might be even paid to) announce it as a KarbonKamaal Catch. What the hell is this ? It's good to give an award for Best catch but can't it be done in the post-match presentation ceremony ? I get very annoyed when the commentator says, "That's a Karbon Kamaal catch", even for Sitters. More frustratingly, when a catch is dropped or even if the ball just goes in the air for a short period of time, those guyz still say, "That might have been a KarbonKamaal catch". Especially Laxman Sivaramakrishanan does that very often. Is he seperately paid by Karbon to do that ? Thanks to Harsha Bogle. He remained a professional commentator as he always is. I remember him today saying, "That would have been a catch of the Tournament".
  • The way IPL is played, i couldn't find a difference between Live telecast and post-match Highlights. Sixes comes same like singles and for Every six hit, it will be annonced as DLF Maximum. What the hell was that ?
  • Once upon a time, advertisements will be televised only after the end of the over. Now, an Ad is shown for every 3 balls. In the playground giant screen, you could see that Ad. It was mostly a Karbon mobile or Blackberry one.
  • The Next worst thing is the Max-Mobile Strategic Time-out. Almost at the end of every over, they will show the giant screen stating "Eligible for Strategic Time-out". But it will be taken after 3 overs only. Even when the time out is signaled, they will take that opportunity to televise 2 more ads instead of showing how or who are all discussing at the centre. This doesn't sound like a Game-Strategy. It's Management Strategy to earn more money.
  • Then comes the MRF blip at the top. Is that a rocket or what ? Before the first ball of every over,  they will show that and say, MRF.....Gautam Gambhir...Rohit Sharma...Come on guyz....Everybody knew they are using that bat label. Why are you saying all these every over ? It's just shabbiness.
  • Then comes the Fly Kingfisher Aeroplace flying inside the giant screen every time the 3rd umpire is referred. Even for evident decisions, the on-field umpires are asking for TV Replay. Might be the On-field umpires are paid to give referrals and the 3rd Umpire might be payed to delay even the easiest of decisions.
I couldn't  remember anything else for now.  But there are certainly, several more business happening around. I am already in despair, seeing my home team going down to the bottom of the points table, there can't be any  better situation and topic to shower my agony and suppress my anger....

Let's hope things will get better as the recession waves are slowly suppressing.

How to add Recent Posts and Recent Comments in Blogger

Well, this is a question asked by majority of the non-technical bloggers. I am shocked to see certain websites provide their own implementation of this Widget by adding unnecessary scripts and perform malicious tracking of your browsing history.
So without making any use of those third-party widget providers, i am going to tell you one simple, step-by-step process to add these widgets. At the End, you will see two widgets, listing out the recent posts and recent comments in your blog (or even some other blog too, can be listed).

Step 1: Log in to blogger. Click on the Layout tab of the blog you are going to work on.

Step 2: In the blog's edit page, click on Layout -> Page Elements section. The Blog template will be shown below.

Step 3: Click on Add a Gadget button. A List of Gadgets will be displayed.

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom until you find the Feed gadget as shown below. Click on the + button on top-right of the page as shown below.

Step 5: In the window that pops out, Enter the below URL.
Note: Insted of abcd, you have to replace it with your blog name.

Step 6: This is the last step. Here you can configure the widget like, the number of posts to be displayed etc. Choose as you wish, click on Save button.

Step 7: That's all. You are done. Here comes your new Recent Posts section.

Step 8: To get Recent Comments, You have to do only one change. Repeat all those steps from 1 to 7. In Step 5 alone, specify the below URL to get the comments.
Note: Instead of abcd, you have to replace it with your blog name like we did for Recent Posts. 

Mar 27, 2010

Agriculture - Hasn't dead yet !

I got some sense of satisfaction after my recent agony on the level of Indian agriculture. Especially after Pepsi.Co engaged 12,000 farmers in a 'contract farming'. Thanks to the junk-food-loving generation. Pepsi.Co's Lays chips is pretty famous across the nation. The Tomato-Tango flavor is my favorite too :-)
These farmers have harvested 22,000 tonnes of potato last season !
22,000 Tonnes = 22,000 X 1000 = 22,000,000 Kgs !! 
Wow....Whooping !!! After all, Agriculture isn't dead yet !

HCL Ride-a-Thon

I am proud to be an employee of HCL Technologies. I am so proud to take part in HCL Ride-a-Thon: A Global Warming awareness campaign organized to perfection by the CSC (Community Service Council) team of HCL. Almost 500+ Chennai employees (and their family too) of HCL galored with enthusiasm in Marina Beach around 7 in the morning. Good to see it happening on the same day as the Earth Hour night !
I forget to turn off the lights that day but still i follow a different strategy to save the environment :-)
Every one of us were riding a banner-boards-tied bi-cycle. The Information Technology Minister of the State - Dr.Aruna flagged off the event as we all started our 10-mile journey. Always a gathering surprises people and makes it a more happening event. I always support awareness campaigns on saving the environment and with this, i got one more opportunity to do it. Would i miss out? Absolutely not. Thanks to the entire team for organizing this event.
Read more on The Hindu. Let's make some pictures talk.

Click on the picture to view the actual image
 Minister of State for Information Technology - Flags off
Click on the picture to view the actual image
And the team stars the journey....
Click on the picture to view the actual image
And, this is me. Joining the rest :-)
Click on the picture to view the actual image

Mar 26, 2010

Trepidation: Global Warming & Earth Hour

What first comes to your mind when you hear WWF ? It's The Rock for me. I was once a die-hard fan of the World Wrestling Federation sport televised on Start Sports channel every Thursday night.
But, there is something else that exists under the same alias. It's the World WildLife Fund. Very few really care for our environment & the submergence of several islands across Mother EARTH. Stories of Melting Ice & Increasing temperature are broadcasted across continents. WWF is an non-profit organization that focuses on creating awareness to save earth. Here is one such initiative on creating awareness.
On Saturday, March 27th from 8:30pm to 9:30pm local time, the World Wildlife Fund invites you to join people from 3,100 cities in 121 countries on all 7 continents in participating in Earth Hour, where people across the world can demonstrate their concern about global climate change with the simplest of gestures: turning off all non-essential lights and electronics.
Majority of the world-famous Indian celebrities are supporting this event. And Yes, I do support this initiative. It's timely. It's important. But, i beg to differ slightly. Turn-off lights for one hour across the world is a very good idea. Objective is to show that you care for the environment. So the question is, "Can i turn on all the lights after this one hour ?". Doesn't is sound awkward ?
Here is how i am trying to save the environment. It's pretty simple.
Use Electricity only when you really need it. What i mean by that is, Turn-off the lights & fans whenever you come out of a room. Don't use the fan or lights when there is enough illumination & aeration. You can turn of the Air-conditioner when the room temperature is comfortable enough for a living. You can turn-off your computer speakers when you are just surfing the net. I can unveil umpteen such examples. So Use Electricity only when you really need it.
Doing so, not only you are saving the environment on "On Saturday, March 27th from 8:30pm to 9:30pm"alone, but throughout your life. Does it make sense ? Have your say. Use the comments section. Thanks for reading.

Mar 11, 2010

The Bill gates - Daughter - WAVE

I have witnessed a forward e-mail sent across continents stating the below pretty woman as the only bug-less or best product from Microsoft. Though they claim her Bill Gates' daughter, for the fun factor, it really isn't true!

Someone, so smart did this to poke Bill!

The internet is overloading with the doubted news of this lady being the daughter of Bill Gates, Jennifer Katharine Gates.…..Is it required to tell who is Bill Gates?!

The lady in the picture is simply impeccable. But one thing is for sure. This could not be his legal daughter because as per records Bill gates had tied the knot on 1st January, 1994 with Melinda French from Dallas, Texas.

They have three children: Jennifer Katharine (1996), Rory John (1999), Phoebe Adele (2002).
Now logically Katherine should be of 13 years, and this stunning beauty by no means qualifies the age parameter. It has been referred that she is Alyson Stoner, Max fame, The suit Life of Jack & Cody.

Some are also in a view that she is Hollywood actresses Rachael Leigh Cook.

Who so ever has forwarded the idea has done a tremendous job to rethink over Bill gates personal life.

Anyways the lady is just gorgeous enough to stare and reload the beauty traffic.

Source: Somewhere on the world wide web that i forget !

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