Mar 28, 2010

IPL Advertisements - Awful :(

IPL has become business. It already was, but now in IPL-3 2010, it's getting worser. The way Media & Advertisements has spread across the IPL, it's absolutely annoying. Fully frustrating. For every shot played, every catch taken - there is an ad association.
  • For every catch taken, the commentator (is forced to or might be even paid to) announce it as a KarbonKamaal Catch. What the hell is this ? It's good to give an award for Best catch but can't it be done in the post-match presentation ceremony ? I get very annoyed when the commentator says, "That's a Karbon Kamaal catch", even for Sitters. More frustratingly, when a catch is dropped or even if the ball just goes in the air for a short period of time, those guyz still say, "That might have been a KarbonKamaal catch". Especially Laxman Sivaramakrishanan does that very often. Is he seperately paid by Karbon to do that ? Thanks to Harsha Bogle. He remained a professional commentator as he always is. I remember him today saying, "That would have been a catch of the Tournament".
  • The way IPL is played, i couldn't find a difference between Live telecast and post-match Highlights. Sixes comes same like singles and for Every six hit, it will be annonced as DLF Maximum. What the hell was that ?
  • Once upon a time, advertisements will be televised only after the end of the over. Now, an Ad is shown for every 3 balls. In the playground giant screen, you could see that Ad. It was mostly a Karbon mobile or Blackberry one.
  • The Next worst thing is the Max-Mobile Strategic Time-out. Almost at the end of every over, they will show the giant screen stating "Eligible for Strategic Time-out". But it will be taken after 3 overs only. Even when the time out is signaled, they will take that opportunity to televise 2 more ads instead of showing how or who are all discussing at the centre. This doesn't sound like a Game-Strategy. It's Management Strategy to earn more money.
  • Then comes the MRF blip at the top. Is that a rocket or what ? Before the first ball of every over,  they will show that and say, MRF.....Gautam Gambhir...Rohit Sharma...Come on guyz....Everybody knew they are using that bat label. Why are you saying all these every over ? It's just shabbiness.
  • Then comes the Fly Kingfisher Aeroplace flying inside the giant screen every time the 3rd umpire is referred. Even for evident decisions, the on-field umpires are asking for TV Replay. Might be the On-field umpires are paid to give referrals and the 3rd Umpire might be payed to delay even the easiest of decisions.
I couldn't  remember anything else for now.  But there are certainly, several more business happening around. I am already in despair, seeing my home team going down to the bottom of the points table, there can't be any  better situation and topic to shower my agony and suppress my anger....

Let's hope things will get better as the recession waves are slowly suppressing.

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