Jun 9, 2016

Adding additional language support in notepad++

Notepad++ is a diverse text editor with abilities to view and edit programs of various languages,  does a great job in viewing large sized server log files. It supports a basic set of languages by default, and here is how you can extend its support for 500 other programming languages.

User Defined Languages:
As the name says, this is a feature that allows users to define their own programming language in the form of an XML file and then Notepad++ would start formatting your language as per that definition. The following page contains links to various XML files for 500+ languages.

For example to get it support Groovy programming language, you would download Groovy's XML file, and then import it onto notepad++ using few clicks as shown below:

1. Select Language -> Define your language...

Then click Import and upload the .xml file you have downloaded. Close npp, and re-open it to see the formatting.

Here is a sample code after the formatting has been imported. 

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