Mar 24, 2011

From Chennai to China...

Everytime I travel to my home town, or some where else, say any long journey that last more than 3-10 hours, I find it boring to stare at the same road-side trees and buildings. Music gadgets help me relax for 2-3 hours but not more than that. My ears start to pain. TV's are the most traditional stuff bus operators use to help kill the idleness of the passengers.
I had an idea of a Virtual Ride. It is like simulating the inside area of the bus in such a way that I feel like travelling in venice in a boat or a walk on the great wall of china or any great place I haven't been to, before. Mother Earth has so many wonderful places to which everyone cannot afford to go.

That rejoicement resulting from that experience may be virtually created. Virtual Reality is not a new thing. The bus will not have windows on it's side but full of digital invisible screen. Once the place is dark enough, we will not even realize that we were in a bus. Think about movie theatres. There is so much of seats and people around but all you keen to, is that one screen which is in front of you. I have no idea if something like this is possible or not, but I wish it could be. If something like this can happen, I will be boarding that bus with full of excitement and expectations from now on...
Now, eventhough the idea looks good, businessmen only think about money. Monetization becomes tough for ideas like this. The bus journey will eventually become unaffordable. Old ladies will say, "I would rather go to venice directly than afford a ticket inside this bus ;)".

Mar 7, 2011

Changing Port number of Websphere Community Server

How will I change the default port number: 8080 of Websphere Community Server's web component?

If you quickly want the answer, you need to open the file in the location:  [wasce-install-dir]\var\config and change the value against HTTPPort attribute. Restart the server then. It should work.

There are people who are in quick need of finding such details and will not bother reading much about how it works or what was it like before. Just like JBoss and many such application servers, they all use Tomcat as the web component. And the whole world knows that it stores the port number in the server.xml file.

Once I was using JBoss server and found myself in a need to change the port number. I know what to look for. It must be the server.xml file. I searched for it and it was found in the \server\[config]\deploy\jbossweb.sar directory. However, When I started using this IBM's server for the first time, my efforts to locate the server.xml failed. Finally managed to locate it in the file: which is referred by config.xml present in the same directory.

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