Oct 6, 2012

Gangnam style

I saw a twitter hash tag today, and was wondering what it meant. It was posted right after a cricket match got over, and I was wondering whether it is even remotely related to cricket. This is that tweet: 
The tweet that I saw
startthegangnam it read. Start The What? Gangnam? The only thing our generation has done after failing to figure out something is to Google it. So I did, and the results revealed a Korean song sung by a guy named   Psy. You will not believe what I found after that. It was funny enough to blog about! Read on...

This music video was uploaded on Youtube on July 15, and has since been viewed a whopping 370 Million times. You cannot generate such a huge number from one country. It is not just the Koreans but possibly, this video trended worldwide. Gangnam is actually on the list of 10 most searched words on Google last month (Sep 2012). Surprising that I never really knew such a video became so popular. Believe it or not, as per Guinness World Records, this video holds the record for the most liked video in the history of Youtube. The song is composed solely by PSY himself from lyrics to choreography!

There was something in common between me and Psy. We both knew only one dance move, and it is very very terrible. People foound Psy's dance move "funny enough" to "like" it. I did not find it very amusing. It acutually seemed to me like a copy of LMFAO's Party rockin anthem. The beats were quite similar. Nevertheless, a hit is a hit. Here is that song!

Oct 4, 2012

Movie review: Barfi!

One of the few Bolloywood movies to have crossed the 100 Crore mark (in terms of money grossed). Sent as India's official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film nomination for the 85th Academy Awards in February 2013. "Barfi! is the most deserving film to go for Oscars", said Anurag Kashyap. "It's pure plagiarism. Every scene including the music is copied from different international movies", says social networking posts. For good (or bad) Barfi! is trending nation-wide. The name Jhilmil will be a difficult one to forget. I was double-lucky this week, for I got two accidental chances to see this movie. First one, when I met my friends yesterday, and today, after I was half-way through this blog entry, when my roomies asked me, "Let's go for some movie" which ended me up in watching it one more time. Burfi! was the only available show in that theater. 

The key characters of Barfi!
The plot takes you through a lot of flashbacks, and if you are not paying close attention, you will be lost. While some found it confusing - shuttling between past and present - the screenplay actually leaves you puzzled, popping up a lot of WHYs and HOWs, and answers them one by one with a flashback. At times, you laugh out louder (LOL), and at times, you cry out louder (COL if such acronym ever existed). Barfi's unconventional mix of positive and negative emotion leaves you 'disturbed'.

The epic of the movie is Priyanka Chopra. The last time I was this impressed by an actress was Rani Mukherjee in Black. How did she manage to suit so well to the Jilmil Chatterjee character, only God knows. This is possibly the most different Priyanka anyone would've ever seen on screen. She steals the entire show. Keeps you at your feet when she feebly voices, "Baarrfiiiii...Baarrrffffiiiiiii", running around the farm. That wink. That blush. That gasp. That frown. Unmatchable. Unteachable. Impeccable. This ugly looking differently abled lady still steals your heart with her facial expressions.

Ranbir's deaf & mute acting - almost as beautiful as Priyanka, having only one dialogue - that contained only one word - his name. Makes you smile whenever he introduces himself by whistling his name - "Furpphhhiiii". Throwing shoes around windows, Giving directions with signs, Flirting around trams and tea shops, Cycling around the beautiful Darjeeling, evading the cops in a chaplinesque style, hiding behind horses, riding bullock carts, venting out sheer frustrations in a sign language -  Ranbir has done a lot of hard work. 

Most of my attention was glued to the breath-taking cinematography. It's the prime skill I watch out for in any movie I go to, and I was in for a great treat of Darjeeling. The background score - irrespective of whether it is copied from a French movie or not - deserves adulation. The songs are beautifully directed, cinematographed and edited. They complement the plot. They are part of the plot. They never distract you from the main plot like how traditional Indian movie songs do. This is the 9th time I'm blogging about a movie, with Burfi! being the first non-tamil flick. Barfi! justifies its append of the exclamation character to the movie name. It leaves you surprised. It leaves behind a lasting impression of its characters. It leaves you exclaimed, from beginning to end!

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