Feb 2, 2012

Tuning your website

There are certain small small things that can together make bigger differences. One scenario that holds good for this theory is Optimizing a web page for performance. The Exceptional performance team from Yahoo! has identified certain best practices to achieve this.
  • Some of them are simple & easy-to-do. Stuffs such as keeping CSS files and Java scripts as external files rather than embedding inline code, using CSS Sprites.
  • Some of them are common-sense stuff such as reducing the number of HTTP Requests made by the page, Reducing the number of DOM Elements, Splitting your resources across domains, avoiding empty tags, and removing broken URL hyperlinks.
  • Some other hi-fi stuff are also there, such as using CDNs. 

An article that is very worth reading if you are interested in things that speed up the performance of a website.
Read on: http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html

Feb 1, 2012

Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019

  • Year 1970: There was something called computer which some people used to have. Keyboard, and Character User Interface is what it was all about, and all that it actually had.
  • Year 1980: The days when Apple stole Xerox's GUI technology and Launched Apple III, the first ever Personal computer that came along with a 3-button pointing device called "Mouse".
  • Year 1990-2005: Nothing changed apart from the number of keys & buttons a keyboard/mouse consisted of. Wireless/Optical devices were introduced but never made any significant improvement in the way people interacted with a computer.
  • Year 2010: The usage of mouse slowly started to diminish as the Touch technology revolutionized human-computer interaction. Instead of moving a mouse which in turn will move a cursor inside the monitor, man threw away that thing and directly started pointing his fingers right at the screen.
  • Year 2020: This is what I actually wanted to talk about, or rather, to be precise, show you a glimpse of how we will possibly interact with computers in 2020. Microsoft Labs has prepared a beautiful video of its vision for the year 2019. Check it out and see if you like it. 2019 would be too early a time to witness this but a dream is dream. Let's hope it will materialize.

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