Feb 1, 2012

Microsoft Office Labs vision 2019

  • Year 1970: There was something called computer which some people used to have. Keyboard, and Character User Interface is what it was all about, and all that it actually had.
  • Year 1980: The days when Apple stole Xerox's GUI technology and Launched Apple III, the first ever Personal computer that came along with a 3-button pointing device called "Mouse".
  • Year 1990-2005: Nothing changed apart from the number of keys & buttons a keyboard/mouse consisted of. Wireless/Optical devices were introduced but never made any significant improvement in the way people interacted with a computer.
  • Year 2010: The usage of mouse slowly started to diminish as the Touch technology revolutionized human-computer interaction. Instead of moving a mouse which in turn will move a cursor inside the monitor, man threw away that thing and directly started pointing his fingers right at the screen.
  • Year 2020: This is what I actually wanted to talk about, or rather, to be precise, show you a glimpse of how we will possibly interact with computers in 2020. Microsoft Labs has prepared a beautiful video of its vision for the year 2019. Check it out and see if you like it. 2019 would be too early a time to witness this but a dream is dream. Let's hope it will materialize.

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