Mar 14, 2009

Ryder Ruined my day !

This blog is all about how my holiday got ruined because of a ODI cricket match between india and New Zealand. Especially my nation, which i'm very proud of is doing a fatastic job in New Zealand. 4 games have already been over, while india leading the series 3-0.

I bought a cricket package for my TV connection to especially watch this series. In all the first four games, i didn't found time to watch & busy with work.

This day is a holiday, i woke up at 6 AM, went out for my usual jog, came back & eagerly waiting for the The Fifth & final game.

WOW, i exclaimed when the Most wonderful, successful, young indian captain, the world have ever seen, My Favourite, MS Dhoni choosed to bat.

But my day was ruined by New zealand All rounder Ryder as India were ALL out for just 149 runs. His wonderful bowling spell blowed the indian batting line-up thrice, followed by a aggressive 4 fours & 4 six half-century !


When i was out, the same team chased more than 200 runs in just 25 overs with 10 wickets in hand & won in a staggering style......

Strange things, but they do happen.

That's life......

Waiting for IPL. No pain, No gain this time.

No Pain, because i am not going to be in any side. They are all my favourites.

No gain, as i am not going to win or lose anything.

Once again, eagerly waiting for you IPL.

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