Jun 18, 2009

The Fall of the Tall Wall....

Being a die-hard fan of T20 Cricket, If i don't write a BLOG on indian cricket team's early exit at the T20 world cup, i'm insane for titling my blog as "Strange Stories".
I now write this blog as a terrific final of the 2009 T20 Cricket World cup is going on....
Our two other asian companions, Sri Lanka & Pakistan are playing.
Srilanka are already 2 down for just 2 runs in 2 overs.
I can see pakistan coming in with a perfect plan...

My agony is for India. They didn't even made it even to the semi-finals.
You know what is the only other team that lost all the games in super 8 ?
It's Ireland. The echo back home in india is so worse. People started to burn idols as usual.

With Dilshan & Mubarak back to the dug-out, Jayasuriya 17*(7)  looks promising for Sri-lanka.
Goodness me, He just got bowled by Razzaq a fraction second after i typed the previous line !
Sri lanka ? What is happening ? 3 Down for 26 !

The Effigy Burners...

Whatever happens in the end of any series, it will have an instant reaction from us.
When India was knocked out of the 2007 WC, people demolished the wall of Dhoni's Under Construction House. The same people joined hands together to build it again when india Knocked out Aussies in the emphatic CB series.

I have no idea what they are going to demolish this time, but i am just want to throw my words somewhere. Reasons that i've thought why we bought the tickets so early.

Srilanka is 4 down. Jayawardene is gone cheaply for just 1. It appears like Pakistan are gonna rock & win the game hands down. The captain, Sangakara is still there. If he can fight & put up a decent total, the legendary lankan bowlers have a chance.

Grumbles from a Good fan.....

It's 10 for the Kangaroo & 1 for the Tigers

Before the start of this tournament, india as a team was doing very well. They won against Sri Lanka, New Zealand, almost everyone. As well as they won the previous edition of this tournament. They thought they were the lengends of the Game & no one can beat them. Once the moment you start thinking like this, you will get knocked out. Damn sure about it.
When Aussies won the world cup in '99, they are un-stoppable. They won continously. 2003. 2007. Then WE ended their run. It's the CB series where India took a step-up & the jumping kangaroos stepped down. It took TEN years for Aussies to start thinking that they are not legends anymore.  I am Very happy that It's took just 1 year for India to realise that they were not 'Legends' yet.
Srilanka are now 116/6. The captain is still there. Sangakara. Well done man. 60*. Fighting., 2 more overs to go. If they can make 130-140, then they have champion bowlers to take care of the rest.

Viru's Verdict

Still i am wondering whether the Champion opener, Virender Sehwag  came back home actually because of an injury. Seems like there is a Mis-understanding within the team that had upset the morale of the team. Even if you are a champion team, the mind-set of the players needs to be   Crystal clear.
Well done Sangakara. Srilanka made 138 in 20 overs.  A captian leading from the Front, supported by Angelo Mathews. Their un-beaten partnership boosted SL from 70/6 to 138. Well lets see what the bowlers can do....

The Retaining Pressure

Once you win a tournament, you obviously are the favourites. Everyone expects you to win the game. At this moment, i see the pakistan team circling the ground with the world cup. They won it. This is What younis khan said right now after receiving the trophy.

"We are seen as under dogs. No one ever thought we will make it. That gave less pressure on us to perform...".

Well, the statement almost looks similar. The one given by dhoni when we won last time.

Bowling at the death....

Both Srilanka & Pakistan made it to the finals. Surprisinly they both had terrific performers who  can bowl well at the end overs. Lasith Malinga & Umar Gul.  India lagged strength at the death. Bowlers did a good job though in the early overs but still i would like to have some aggressive bowlers who can bowl 6/6 yorkers like Malinga.

Batsmen turned down

I was eagerly waiting for this event. After seeing raina, rohit, yuvi, yusuf rocking in ipl for different teams, i was eager to see them performing in a single team. Team India. But my dreams were turned down as an utter flop. Is there a thought in them ? like... "I am the Best of all. I will prove it. Wait and see... "
This what our guys acheived in the super eight round.....
153 is the highest score made by the team that seemed to have the best batting line-up.
This is what suresh raina made. 5, 3, 2. What is this ? Suitcase locker code ?
You can fail in one game but not every single game. This card is clear enough & self-explanatory.

Practice Makes Perfect

This is well said. I don't know whether you know it or not. Our team didn't had any practice session on the eve of a game day. It was made optional because players were tired because of IPL mathches & taking practice will make them even more tired. Once again, whatever champion player you are, you CANNOT perform without practice. It's a good joke from the coach Kirsten. India failed to perform because of IPL Fatigue. Wait a minute kirsten.
Where the hell from Gibbs, DeVilliers, Malinga, Muralitharan & all came from.....Did they took any Carribeean trip to take rest for playing the world cup ?
Please answer this question if you do see this blog.

Rise of the Rest.....

And hopefully YES.  The other teams came out and put out a very good game. They outplayed us. Congratulations to all of them. They all had plans & perfection in executing them. There is no surprised to see Australia going early ahead of India. And obviously, they need to find a champion like Gilchrist & Hayden.

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