Jan 3, 2009


One day i found out that saving a picture file in ms-paint reduces the file size.
But wait a minute, Paint is used to draw simple diagrams. But how come it reduce the size ?


O Take a picture file. (Especially a picture taken using a Digital camera)
O Usually they are at least 1.5 to 4 MB / file.
O Now Open this file in Ms Paint.
O Just Select FILE -> SAVE.
O Close the paint window, now check out the file size.
O Don't forget to Say Bingo !

Example: (To view the actual size, click on the images)
The one with the RED tie was me posing with my friends on convocation day !
This File about 2.53 MB is the Actual one taken using a Canon 8.0 Mega Pixel camera.

This File about 500 kb comes after saving it with ms-paint.
Look at the clarity !

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