Jul 17, 2010

The Internet is God

A friend of mine is a famous English professor who often ask the students to refer the 'Laptop' for interesting words or a phrase. He recently bought a new Laptop and is learning to use it because there are lot of students who mail him personally and he is eager to read and respond.
For him, the Internet seems to be the laptop but it actually isn't. Be it, Checking mails or surfing the Internet, all are done through that Laptop. Can i tell him that he is wrong ? How can i tell a professor that he is wrong ?
He has an impressive in the language but having a little idea about the Internet & a Laptop, i decided that i should politely inform him about his misusage. But, how can i give him a simple explanation if he actually wants one ?

Here goes my thought process.

God is one. God is everywhere. You can find God in a temple but it doesn't mean that He exists only in a temple. He can even be in a church or a mosque.
The Internet is one. Internet is everywhere. You can access the Internet with a Laptop but it isn't the only device that has the access to it. There are Desktops (Home Computers) and Mobile phones too !

Internet is a communication service whereas the Laptop is just an electronic device. Hope that makes it simple and evident. I will mail this to him soon !

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