Feb 25, 2011

Reliance: A 'Customer Satisfaction' Case Study

People say, Fast world..Technology is growing. 21st century. All kind of terminologies which highlights one thing: The world around us is changing. Gone are the days in which you placed your internet connection request at the local BSNL Telephone centre and impatiently waited at your door step for the service engineer to come and setup your internet connection. The following sequence of events is one good example of how Technology has changed the way we live, and most importantly, an impressive customer satisfaction case study.

06:15 PM, My home:
I successfully activated my Reliance NetConnect BroadBand+ USB Internet device.

(An hour ago...)
05:00 PM, My Office (Haddows Rd, Nungambakkam)
I decided to buy an internet connection. I travel a lot, and hence I opted for a wireless device. Options that came to my mind were: Tata, BSNL and Reliance. My intention was to just buy it and start using it rather than register somewhere, wait for 20 days till it comes.

05:10 PM, BSNL Office (Nungambakkam)
I am lazy enough to roam around the traffic-loving city and hence I choose to visit the nearest center. As soon as I walked into the office, the security stopped me. "Sir, can I have some ID please?". "Why would someone ask a customer for ID", I thought. He then told me that it is an Administration Office and not sales. I walked out.

05:20 PM, Reliance Office (Nungambakkam)
I then walk into the 10-storeyed Reliance building in front of Shastri Bhavan (Passport Office). They had a very nice showroom that showcased almost all the products Reliance ever manufactured.

"I am looking for a Wireless Internet. What are the plans you have?", I asked.

The executive showed some broucher which had some numbers, and I am happy with one of it. 800 Rs/Mon. 3.1 MBPS. Unlimited. Roaming Free. Take it anywhere in the country.

"Can I buy it right away? When will you activate it?", I posted my next question.
"Yes Sir. It will be activated in 30 Mins. You need to give us a Photo, One ID proof and an Address proof.

That was tough. No one roams around with these documents in their pockets. I could have went home,  bring with me all the documents on the next day but I thought hard for a while and asked him one more question.

"I don't have a picture or proofs with me. I have a scanned copy of my family card and a Passport size picture, but it is in my mail box. Do you have internet access here?"

He first said, No Sir, but later took me into the administration premises and gave me his desktop to access my mail box. He could 've simply said, "No we don't. Get print-out outside, or bring tomorrow". Like Govt. officials do. There is a good possibility that I would not come back the next day. This man is smart. I open the family card and he prints it with the office printer. He uses the office scanner, scans my driving license and prints it. He just saves the picture of mine in the local desktop.

05:45 PM, Same Reliance office
I paid the bill, bought the device after the executive collected all the proofs. It usually takes a lot longer but that day was a lucky one and I sneaked through the crowded roads and reached home after a 17 Km drive.

06:15 PM, My home:
I took out the device. It is as small as a USB Pen Drive. There was no disc or driver or nothing. The required software is kept inside the device and it installs automatically. I successfully activated my Reliance NetConnect BroadBand+ USB Internet device.

In less than 2 hours, I got home an Internet connection. Credits to the technology, and the executive who did everything he could to 'grab' the customer. This also reminds me of a HDFC Executive who clicked a picture of me with his Mobile phone because I did not have a passport size picture with me.

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