Apr 12, 2011

Great Escape

This day, 30 mins ago: 8:40 AM
I was on my way to work when two young men were waving hands on to every passing vehicle near the road side, looking like in need of help.

My little heart suggested me that I stop, and see if I can extend some help. I pulled over.

"Sir, we're outta Petrol. The nearest petrol bunk is just 5 mins. Can you TOE our bike? Please?", he asked.

"Well, I never really have any 'toe-ing' experience before. But bring a bottle. We will buy some fuel and I drop you back", I replied with the most feasible, personally-possible solution.

"Sir, even if we fill 2 litres, it will not be enough. The tank is huge, and still we cannot drive. If you wait for 5 mins, my friend can tope and we are done."

Now, that is weird. I had a feeling that their request is not genuine and they are planning to steal my bike. He continued to talk crap, while I personally analyzed the the following reasons:
  1. Afaik, No bike on earth will take in 2 litres of fuel, and still not start due to insufficiency.
  2. Those two fellows did not look like software developers dying to write .NET code, or doctors who are impatiently waiting to treat a patient.
  3. Uncombed hair, some silver color chain on the neck that wore a blade instead of a dollar, reddish eyes which soley come when you booze-and-sleep-late-night.
  4. They did not look like people who are late to work. They looked like two intelligent, decisive robbers who are right on time for duty.
  5. Waving at vehicles for 15-20 minutes just to toe the bike for 5 mins when he can actually move it on feet in less than 10 minutes.
  6. Waiting right after the traffic signal: A place where you can easily stop vehicles.
"I am sorry boss, I am running outta time. I cannot help.", I apologized and escaped once and for all. His request may be genuine. But my prejudice about Chennai being a unsafe city initiated my evade. There are very few citizens who tend to extend help, but such people make them HEART-Less :(

A Flash back: 4 months ago:
I was about to enter office but an old lady stopped me. She told me an unpronounceable name and claimed that it was her village and she came to Chennai to see her son, only to get lost in the big city. She earnestly requested me some money so that she can go back home. Any one having something under the throat, and next to the lung that beat around 72 times a minute will definitely extend her a helping hand. Those suffered voice and old age of that lady will give little doubt to the person being approached!
I did not help her. Not because I don't have that 72-time thing inside me but the stuff inside my skull triggered another flash back.

8 months ago:
Bus stop. Techie-full Thiruvanmiyur. A pure village, once upon a time but has now become one of Chennai's most sought after residential area due to it's pleasant ambiance and it's positioning: far away from the smoke-only-prevails zone and very near to the beach.  I was about to hire an auto to go home when that old couple stopped me. They told me an unpronounceable name and claimed that it was their village and they  came to Chennai to see their son, only to get lost in the big city. They earnestly requested me some money so that they can go back home. I gave them 100 rupees!!!!!!

I don't think many oldies come from unpronounceable places looking for their son and get lost. She looked like the same old lady I met few months back. I did not believe them. Being heart-less is actually the right thing to do in Chennai.

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