Jun 9, 2011

Blown away, just now!

[Skip this post if you don't have a facebook account. I have written 126 other posts that might bore you :D]

This day, few minutes ago:
Stumbled upon a terrific post in my Facebook news feed by my dearest friend: Karthik Murugesan. I was blown away after I opened it up. It was not a kind of post that you simply click LIKE or share it and say - Wow, superb, and move on. It was a kind of a post that requires calling up the entire humanity on earth and tell them, "Come on guys and girls. You should see how beautiful it is. Truly terrific."  So, is there a better way to reach out to the whole world than a blog post? That's why I wrote this. If you want to spend one worthful hour, going thoroughly through this will just be it.

Right. Let me stop the build up. As an improving writer, one of the tips I learnt is, make the reader go till the last line, if s/he ever starts to read. What wondered me is a glimpse of one of my growing interest: Photography. Some awesomely captured pictures of "singara" Chennai. Having lived there for 3 years now, I never knew Chennai is this much beautiful. Aspiring photographers all over chennai have galored together with their masterpieces in a facebook group:  I ♥ Chennai. Go ahead and enjoy the pictures. I am sure you will appreciate the creative work. Click the picture below, and it will take you to the dream destination.

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