Sep 30, 2011

Dusserah has begun...

It was an electrifying day @ L&T Infotech, Bangalore. Every evening-snack-goer had a shocker of an experience, once they entered the cafe which usually is an empty hall on friday evenings. I possibly though the Legends of Rock has opened a new pub at our cafeteria.

Software developers were using something they rarely do at the workplace: Legs. A dhandiya dance programme was organized in the evening. After you read that name, you would possibly expect men and women dancing in two circles, with that stick in their hands but there was no circle nor the stick. It was a huge crowd of 200 odd employees in a confined cafe, shaking their legs under serial lights. Girls went gaga, Boys went berserk. Dusserah has already begun, and it's only 4 in the evening at work!

I was watching everyone sing with a sensation, dance with a delight, as the DJ was decisively mixing AKON with A.R.Rahman, and Shakira's with Shankar Mahadevan numbers. There were 3 energetic once-more roar after the DJ was done with it all. The organizer failed to control the enthralling dancers as no one showed any intention of leaving for the day.

I tried recording some videos but the audio was not recorded properly. The sound system was far too overwhelming for my mobile to understand what just happened out there. I stepped in after an hour long hesitation, when they played a old yet super hit Tamil song: O Podu...from Gemini. It went on and on, till they finally stopped it all. Fittingly so, the DJ reserved the SONG OF THE YEAR for later, and it all ended with Dhinka Chika...Dhina Chika...

Mute (or Reduce) the volume if you are watching this video. 

My shirt was completely wet, all credits to the sweat. I smelled like a wet dog but nobody knew who was smelling so because everyone was (!) totally drenched. I was playing a game on phone while coming back, and I hit 3 high scores in a row. The last time I hit a high score was more than a month back. May be because of the mood I was in - the enthusiasm kept me going!

Here is a quick collection of snaps that my camera managed to the resolution was poor, due to the darkness, i did not upload individual snaps.


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