Nov 24, 2011

Why this Kolaveri?

If you are reading this somewhere in Siberia or in some corner of California, it is very likely that you will not know what I am writing about. All of a sudden, facebook brought it to my attention after my wall was populated with one word, repeated over and over: "Kolaveri". It is trending on Twitter big time, and it is all because of a song that has this word in it's title: Why this Kolaveri.  Before you google it out, I will tell you what it is. Kolaveri (கொலைவெறி) is a Tamil language word which would mean, "Murderous Rage" or "Deadly furor".

This song had a whooping 4 million views after just 4 days of it's release and everyone immediately started loving it. The lyric is very simple and amusing. The music makes you tap your feet, and simultaneously flip your fingers without your permission. Dhanush's voice added the right blend of informality. An attempt to try something different has turned out a huge success for Aishwarya R. Dhanush. 

Irrespective of your nationality and fluency in English, you will enjoy listening to this song. It appeared as the number one Indian trend on Twitter this 21st of November. Asia's second famous actor - Rajinikanth's daughter has found the right channel to popularize her first directorial venture: 3. (Three is the name of the movie in which this song is featured).

Update: #22 Dec, 2011
This song now has 26 Million views on You Tube.
It was featured on BBC, TIME and CNN.
Reached the 15th spot of YouTube 100 under Music category.

Here is a promotional version of that song, along with lyrics.

Whether you press play or pause, it keeps playing inside you, indefinitely! Listen with care.


  1. Why this kolaveri song from the movie "3" hits all over the world. Official video for this song from Youtube reach more that 2 billion views. All other songs from this film will hit.


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