Apr 13, 2012

Multiple Toolkits Dependency

When you migrate a process application from Lombardi 7.2 (WLE) to Lombardi 7.5 (IBM BPM), the system toolkits will conflict. Multiple entries will be there and would throw a java.lang.NullPointerException whenever you login to the process app. If you ignore this and continue your development, you are in for some serious problems later. You cannot successfully deploy this package to a run time server. It will fail with the same error. It will not allow you either to remove the dependency or upgrade the dependency since another system toolkit is already there.

To make the system allow this removal, we need to modify database entries manually. Playing around the processDB is a tricky job but IBM has clearly documented the procedure. Follow the steps in this article and the problem can be easily resolved.

Note: It is a good practice to upgrade the dependency of your 7.2.0 system toolkit to the latest version soon after you import it into 7.5.

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