Jun 9, 2013

Google Drive Desktop App

Google continues to revolutionize with the continual improvement of its product suites. They released a desktop app for Google drive, which  I got to experiment today. If you are a software developer who have seen the likes of SVN and its Tortoise SVN windows client, the following picture gives you a similar feeling. I meant the indication on the files, like a green tick, blue refresh icon, stating the file is being uploaded. I actually did a right-click to see if there is a check-in, check-out :P which is not provided for obvious reasons.     

Microsoft Office Sharepoint has that feature of editing the files in the server locally in your office suite and then check it back into the sharepoint server, perhaps Google can have a similar thing. At the max, it will require writing some Office Add-in, or I believe so. You just copy-paste your files like an USB Flash drive, and it moves around things. A great place to keep some "most wanted" stuff like copies of your ID's, resume's, photographs for quick printing from anywhere you are! 

It looks pretty much like a e-Flash-Drive. Lovely. Loved it! 

Security is one threat when you keep potential stuff online, unless and until you are not Gates are Buffet, it shouldn't be a problem. 

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