Dec 3, 2009

How you think ?

I was reading a spiritual book this morning. The author, at one point emphasizes the fact that "It's your thoughts that makes you what you are". He also provided a situation.
In China, people go for trekking. For fun, they will wear a footwear made of Hay. It gives comfort but get's torn out soon. There will be a set of big rocks here and there. Each of them will have a pair of 10-20 slippers underneath with a price tag. Whoever passes by, they will just take one and put the money there. In the evening, the owner will come and take the money.
I actually got shocked after reading it. Come on man, it's more like a shop without a shop keeper. Have you seen anything like this in our country ?
Saying, "Just go in and take whatever you want & put the money in the cash counter." Sounded totally weird to me. Supporting my surprise, the author writes in the next sentence.
"Will this happen in India ?"
I really didn't heard any such stories but my friend Kadhambari did. She was talking about a school in our home town - Chidambaram. The HeadMaster opened a small shop inside the school and kept candies, pencils and erasers in different boxes. No one was kept in charge. There is just coin box for keeping the money. One fine day, he went to that shop to check out the status. To his surprise, all the candy boxes are empty. To his shock, the coin box was also empty ! :(

See how the school kids are. Not all the Indians are like that, but still the author was right to a certain extent.

Be pure, humble & loyal in your thoughts. The Almighthy's grace will always be with you !
Another story i want to add up here. It suddenly came to my mind. Thought it would be approprite to put it here.
A builder was working for a contractor. He was very much dedicated to his job. One day, he decided to quit. "I am getting older and can't spend time at work anymore. I'm gonna call it a day". The contractor said, "Oh ! i see. Okay, just help me build this one last house. I am not gonna trouble you after that". The builder actually got angry but didn't showed it. He was not in the mood to work, lacked perfection and built the worst ever house of his 20 year career. After he comlpeted the project and said Bye to the contractor, he got this shocking reply. "Take this Key. This house is yours. I want to thank you for all your hard work".

Just see his thoughts. If he knew that this house he building was his own, he wouldn't have showed this poor attitude.

I was imagining how a typical Indian men and women would react after seeing such a rock with pair full of slippers. Women will start discussing about the color and design and forget that fact that they are actually trekking on a hill. Men on the other side will regret the fact that they didn't took a sack with them.

Above is more of a casual comment and critisisms are welcome. If you are the person with that pure & humble thoughts, i presume you are well settled in life with the grace of God.

Are you ?

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