Nov 29, 2009

Gandhi கணக்கு !

I was browsing the net as i always do. Sometimes i do encounter something strange and i end up here. So what's strange now ?
Often while showing returns on accounts & balance amounts, people tend to say, Gandhi கணக்கு. It actually means that the person spent it or lost it. Let's say for a reason that can't be disclosed. Would you believe it if this has a story behind it ?
I am surprised because, YES. So eager to know what ? Here it goes.
Before 1947, when India was fighting against British occupation, companies and individuals often included Contribution to Freedom movement as an item in accounting statements. Most often accounting statements would not tally because management funneled money out. Contribution to Gandhi's freedom movement provided an excellent means to account for the missing money. Hence the term Gandhi Kanakku.
One should apologize to Mahatma Gandhi as this term brings a small amount of disrepute to him, for no fault of his. So are you surprised ? There are more & more pretty local tamil words that has a fascinating story behind them.

Kepmaari (
கேப்மாரி) - Used to curse or scowl a person for irresponsible behavior. Often, Auto drivers tend to use this word when someone drives inappropriate. The saying goes as, "போடா கேப்மாரி, விட்ல சொல்லிட்டு வண்ட்டியா ?
Here goes the actual story behind கேப்மாரி.
In British times people were given different coloured caps based on their status in work. The guy who changes the cap (மாத்துறது in Tamil) is a traitor/thief hence the word kepmaari (cap-maari).
Mokkai (மொக்கை): Here goes my favorite one. Putting mokkai can be compared to cracking dumb jokes or playing pranks. For example, KO is 'Knock Out' in boxing. It is given when the naaku(tongue) is out (i.e. out cold).
People tend to get irrittated and say "Mokka podaatha.." Very often my office colleagues tell me this. So first thing i will do after posting this blog is to mail them and share it :D
So here goes the short story.
This is a derivative of the word Mokkaiyappar who was a king, famous for his blaydu jokes. (Poor Jokes - PJ)
Bemani (பேமானி) : Once again, a word similar to Kepmaari which is used to blame a person for useless, ridiculous behaviour. Meaning ? I am surprised that i got adopted from Urdu.

Baemani.(Beimaan in Urdu means a person who has no ethics/ scruples/ integrity and Beimaani means the trait of dishonesty)
bae + imani (without + shame)
So are you surprised ? Did you ever thought these words have such meanings behind ?
I never did. I must praise the guy (or a girl ? i don't think so !) who composed this in a Wikipedia Article. Full credits to the Author.

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