Nov 13, 2009

Non-Stoppable Natal !

Microsoft has something to cheer for these days. They are happy with the sales of their recently released operating system - Windows 7. Apart from that, in the gaming world, they achieved something that's never done before.

Microsoft's Project Natal, an amazing new gaming interface that debuted earlier this month at the gaming conference E3. Natal looks like no other game controller you've ever seen. There is no controller. At least not one you can hold in your hand. Natal uses a sophisticated scanning system that not only recognizes how you move and who you are, but how you feel. The potential for Natal beyond gaming is astounding. Imagine a virtual companion so aware that it could recognize when a shut-in was depressed or non-responsive and call for outside help. To the user, Natal's interface looks simple. There is no learning curve. You just interact as you would in real life. From a design perspective, Natal is incredibly complex, combining next gen facial and voice recognition, motion capture, and artificial intelligence to arrive at an incredibly powerful and transparent user interface. Elegant and genius.
"This is a pivotal moment that will carry with it a wave of change, the ripples of which will reach far beyond video games"
As quoted by Ace Hollywood Director and Producer STEVEN SPIELBERG.
Watch the preview video below. I am curious and eager to hear your comments.

Your innovation inspired me very much and is strange enough to become a part of my blog. Kudos to Microsoft.


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