Nov 11, 2009

Google Go

Google unveiled their new, open-source, systems programming language today. The name is Go. Google says that Go has the security and performance features of C++ and the speed of a dynamic scripting language like Python. Go is fast, safe, concurrent and fun to code with.

The language is type safe, memory-safe and it's specifically designed for developing softwares that runs on multi-core machines. Systems and servers are written as lightweight processes called goroutines.

The project's developers include Unix founding father Ken Thompson; fellow Bell Labs Unix developer Rob Pike; and Robert Griesemer, known for his work on the Java HotSpot compiler.

They call the language Go because, well, you know. "'Ogle' would be a good name for a Go debugger," the company says.
Go = Python + C++
I have no idea on how convincing this formula is but i know the best place to look for more info on it.
It's here. The Official Site :

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