Feb 7, 2010

Connecting to MS SQL Server through JDBC

This post is directed at any one who is in trouble trying to figure out a way to connect to Microsoft SQL Server from JAVA. The Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is the API that helps establishing a connection to almost any Database from a Java program. Though a connectivity to MS SQL Server is rarely established from Java as the prominent participants in the communication would be Oracle & MySQL.
JDBC is a generic API and the procedure is same for any Database communication.
  1. You download the JDBC driver for the appropriate Database (Like Oracle, MS-SQL Server)
  2. Start the Database server.
  3. Establish the connection from the Java program.
  4. Enjoy communication. Go ahead - Create, Delete, Update...What ever you want...
The following article from Microsoft Support helps you find your way.

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  1. I liked your J2EE videos...gr8 work...thnx and continue 4 your service ..

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