Feb 23, 2010

Why Save Tigers ?

I saw a Ad on the TV. An Initiative from AIRCEL to save Tigers. We were eagerly watching a edge-of-the-seat-thriller between India and South Africa when it interrupted the game. "Why care for a Tiger living in a forest ? What good it does ?", i impatiently asked.
Ashisk, a smart young lad living in the next door replied with a 'proving-point'.
Though tigers live in forests, they hunt deers. Deers are plant eating animals. Less number of tigers will lead to MORE number of Deer which in turn consumes more amount of Plants which in turn reduces the Tree count which in.....
Oh..oh..wait..wait....It affects the entire Ecosystem which might lead to an Imbalance. Well, that proved very well of why i got an 'E' Grade in Environmental Studies. For one, who doesn't graduate from Annamalai University, 'E' is the lowest possible 'pass' grade - one can score.

We know that ecosystem means collection of all kinds of organisms that live in this world. Any imbalance in their number may lead to destruction. Suppose if the entire frog species becomes extinct then there maybe an increase in insects population or a decrease in snakes population (as snakes may have only little possible options to eat). Major causes are exploitation of natural resources by us.

Not just me but over 1300 scientists contributed a report to the World Health Organization after considering the impacts on human well-being, past, present and future due to ecosystem degradation...

Well, let's go save some tigers :-)

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