Aug 8, 2010

Twitter Threats

Everyone has joined the Twitter bandwagon. All celebrities now feel connected to their fans. Ardent followers are all seen waiting eagerly for Updates (or the so called 'Tweets') from them.
Techonology always hypes it's boons and hides it's banes.
So anyway, what is the bane behind Twitter ?
If you notice carefully, Twitter page of a profile will display the location of the person. In terms of Latitude and longitude. The snapshot shown below makes it clear.

The last tweet was logged in from coordinates, 18.986079,72.821985 which resolves to his native - Mumbai. I have a trepidation that location disclosure would lead to danger. As Sachin tweets also from his Mobile phone, anticipation of his on-the-move becomes easier. Something serious may happen on the spur of the moment.

Sachin's profile attracted 200 Thousand followers on the day he joined the microblogging community. It has crossed 500 thousand now. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes the twitter user with HIGHEST FOLLOWERS !
Sachin, if you are reading this, BEWARE Brother.
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