Aug 20, 2010

Writing blogs from e-mail

Blogger has an e-mail feature using which one can simply blog from their e-mail client. If you are not used to writing blogs with the blogger interface, you can utilize this feature. There are two things you need to do for this.
  1. ONE: Configure your blog to use E-Mail Postings
  2. TWO: Write a blog and mail it to the configured address.

 ONE: Configuring E-Mail Postings

Once you login to blogger, click on the MAIL icon in the dashboard (circled below in red)

In the pop-window, enter a secret keyword in the provided box.

Now the configured mail id is

TWO: Writing the blog entry

Simply write an email like you do everyday and send it to the configured mail id. 
That's all. Blogging done. Enjoy :)

The mail id must be kept confidential. Otherwise, any one can type anything and post it in your blog. The better part of it is that TEAM BLOGGING is easily made possible. Now, let me change my secret code as it's "very visible" in the screen shot :D

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