May 25, 2011

Miss Unpredictable

I was driving back home on a weekday evening. The Mount Road isn't as populated as it usually used to be, around 7 PM. It might be due to the #IPL effect. I was casually breezing through the road, letting off all the honking cars and buses to go past me. In a flick of a moment,  I witnessed a Pulsar bike which crossed me in a flash. Rightly so, an youngster was driving it, and surprisingly a scary-looking girl on his pillion, eyes closed, heads down, holding something down tightly. 

I don't know why I chose to check out her face. I just wanted one stare at the reaction of that scared-out face. I anticipated it to be cute & funny. I shifted gears. He was long gone, but I accelerated through all those vehicles that went past me, and I am now in parallel to the Pulsar. 

Making sure I am not going to smash any on going vehicle, I sneaked at the side only to notice her holding on to something, tightly. Little acceleration revealed the unexpected. She wasn't scared of the speed or anything. She wasn't holding on to the bike. She was actually busy, typing an SMS!

On a serious note, using mobile phones while sitting behind a two wheeler is extremely dangerous. One sudden break, and you will have nothing to hold on to, injuring yourselves, and 99% of the time, the driver too! Please don't do it. How fucked up life can get in a fraction of a second, you will only know after the happening of the unexpected!

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