May 29, 2011

R O A R :)

Well, we were the defending champions. We proved it once again. What a terrific game of cricket we have seen today! 72 games over a tiring long tournament, and at the end of it all, Chennai Super Kings lead by Captain Cool, the Think Tank - Mahendra Singh Dhoni's men have pulled out a blinder of a performance to stand-still the visiting Bangaloreans and clinched the Trophy for one more time!
The Champ is here
 It is very much disappointing for a team that has reached the IPL Finals TWICE in FOUR editions, but still couldn't handle the nerves and emerge on the successful end. 
Everyone has always said that Dhoni is a Lucky man. Indeed he is. Despite his efforts, his teammates come up with flying colors every game. It is also the responsibility of the captain to keep his team's morale in the right direction. It is pretty much proved that trusting one single player will only lead to jeopardy. Gayle's Duck proved exactly that.
Gayle lit up the IPL on fire as soon as he arrived, but couldn't match up with big games. Chennai was just sensational. They did not rely on any single player for success. In every game, one of them contributed greatly. Even there were 2 league games where Saha and Aniruddha contributed toward win. This side is amazingly balanced in such a way that you always have someone contributing every game.
This stat proves it all: None of CSK batsmen made it to the TOP-5 run getters in the tournament, and none of CSK bowlers made it to the TOP-5 wicket takers list. This clearly tells us how even the contribution from the players is. Another interesting fact is the middle order strength. After FIVE DOWN, you still have ALBIE MORKEL and DWAYNE BRAVO. That's a kind of line up you can never contain, in a 20 over game. Always CSK stared slowly, but improved the momentum at the end. 
Albie Morkel and Suresh Raina were amazing during the SEMI FINALS. Murali Vijay and Micheal Hussey was mind-blowing during the final, with a 159 partnership for the first wicket!

This Victory is an apt recognition to a TEAM that really proved themselves as an epitome of that word, and remained victorious in the end. Let's ROAR fans. For our great CSK. Here is me, celebrating this IPL 4 Victory with a brilliantly edited video from Vinod. Just embedded below !!!

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