Jul 25, 2011

The curious case of Dravid's bat

I like people who write English (or any language) with a good sense of humor. Andy Zaltzman is one among them. This englishman has an humorous narrative style, and a fluent vocabulary. He regularly writes in cricinfo blogs, and the one he wrote on the world cup final (it's here) will always remain my favorite.

When someone asked a question, "I wonder how many time did Rahul Dravid tap his bat on the ground". And while responding to that lethargic remark, here is what Andy Z observed.
 "In answer to the query about the number of times Dravid has tapped his bat on the pitch, he has now faced 29364 balls (and counting) in his Test career. Let us assume that he taps the pitch an average of 6.5 times per ball when he is facing, and 3.7 times per ball when he is the non-striker, plus an additional 11.2 times between overs. And let us assume that, whilst batting, he has not faced as many balls as he has faced. Using my special abacus, I therefore calculate that Dravid has tapped the pitch approximately 409,138 times in his Test career. Give or take."

Quite an interesting personality, isn't he? You can read his blogs here, and even follow him on twitter here: @ZaltzCricket

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