Jul 10, 2011

What is Maan Karate?

A non-tamil speaking friend of mine did not come across this legendary skill, and I thought of introducing this art of the underworld. I remember one of my high school English text book, having a lesson titled, "Karate: a mighty weapon with the empty hand". I never knew what was the main content because I had the option to skip the questions under that lesson, thanks to the education system which gave me a only 3 out of 5 - choice

This is one of the smartest karate, if not powerful, invented in Tamilnadu, by a much recognised man called Thaamu. There are different versions of martial arts. Japanese karate known for its strength, Chinese kungfu known for its flexibility, Boxing known for its punches and etc etc. But no one of the above mentioned could come near Maan karate.

Maan in tamil means " Deer". The main rules of Maan karate is as follows.
  1. Be flexible and fit like a deer.
  2. Build up muscles like a deer.
  3. Exercise each single free hour like a deer.
  4. Be sharp and sensitive like a deer.
  5. Look and listen to every movements like a deer.
  6. Have your own weapon of choice like a deer having its horns.
  7. In case of danger first run like a deer and then think what to do.
This is quite easy to learn, and really helpful in danger situations. Just start running like how a deer will do when it encounters an approaching tiger. Happy learning :)

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