Jun 8, 2010

சிங்கம் - Movie Review

Big pictures begins with a BANG., A StudioGreen stunner. Those who have very less expectations (like me) after seeing the promotional posters have an AWE awaiting in Theatres. Hari, after a long time has delivered a family entertainer. A real ACTION dish spiced with equal mix of comedy and love. Typical tamil masala movie.

Surya, my favourite have once again exemplified his insatiable passion of bettering himself every movie. After Kaka Kaka, He once again inspired police officers !

Vivek, without a speculation, with a striking spontaneity in humor has set out so well for the sidekick spot.

Devi sri prasad, though couldn't pull out the quid pro quo of Harris Jayaraj's Kaka Kaka but have done extremely well. Magnificent and mellifluent. Songs are a sure-shot hit. Or else Sun TV will make it so. Look for his rocking & rollicking theme song when surya gets appointed as A.C.

After the Trishaz and Tamannaahaz, it's good too see someone else sharing the lead. Her job is less and she did o.k. Anushka dances dull. Just stands still and slews her side. Even she seem to have forgot few dresses. Either she was throwed into the set half the way while dressing or she forget to wear some of the wearables !

There is nothing new in the plot. One police offers hates rowdies as usual. One rowdy hates such cops. They meet. They fight. They fight again. They keep fighting. Time lapses a limit. The following fight will be fostered as a  'Climax'. The Hero win in the end.

These are evident as well as en elementary essence for any action movie. But the Hero is the enthralling script & Screenplay. Another Hero is the Director. Vivek chipped in to increment the count. And undoubtedly Surya did so well :D

Singam is Fast & Furious. Whizzzzzzzzz goes the movie. Ends in no time at all. There is not even one single sentiment scene that slackens the screnplay and depresses us. For example, take the starting scence. Movie begins with a boring intro action sequence and makes me feel like i made a mistake by coming to the theatre. But in the end of that sequence, you can witness a brilliant CG (Computer Graphics) work if you closely notice. Two cars and 6 villan associates will fly in the air slowly. That's what you call 'improvization'. If it was a typical tamil movie, one old, useless doll & dumb car will thrice turn out in the air and blast.

Don't miss out

  • The best scene of the movie in which Surya and Prakash Raj meet for the first time. Evidence of ebullience is all over !
  • The scene in which Surya counters the commissioner outta the station.
  • The scene in which Anushka drives her dad with his driving license. Claps for you all !
  • All the Vivek scenes.
  • All the Surya-Anushka sequences. Simple yet elegant. Lovely and lively. No single sign of cinematization.
  • Surya's Dazzling Dance.  
Below is an Interview i found in IndiaGlitz. 

Surya debuts in Bollywood in his next flick for a Ram Gopal Varma's Hindi film - Ratha Charithra.

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