Jun 20, 2010

Yahoo! Smileys for Blogger

Was there an option to insert smileys into blogger ?

I thought it will make the reading lively !

So, a smiley is just an image. Wherever you can find an image, it can be pushed into the blog post. It's that simple. Below is a big list of all the latest Yahoo! Messenger icons. They are available in the below location.

You can use the insert image icon to add a smiley or directly play with the HTML using the IMG tag.If you want the first smiley on this list, add the below line to your HTML code section.
For the second smiley, just replace the number (1.gif with 2.gif) at the end of the link.Doing so, you can insert smileys in your blogs and entertain your readers.

More smileys can be found here. If you move the mouse over any of the smiley, a link will appear in the status bar. You can see the smiley number at the end of the link. Happy blogging

PS: Manually adding the smileys with HTML code is a painful, mundane task. I will try and write a script which will easily help insert the smileys. Like a simple :) will be automatically replaced with

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