Jun 24, 2010

Two Earth's on August 2010 !

Did we ever know that a star can be as big as a planet ? You are soon going to see one on a sunday night this August. Under the terra firma of our Mother Earth, a star is going to SMASH us when it will cross the orbit from an approximately 34.5 Million miles on 7:29 PM (GMT), the 15th of Aug, 2010....

Alrite, i will stop here....First, there is nothing going to happen....Cool down...Relax....Don't wait in the patio  for something to show up. You will get nothing but cold. I have been receiving mails about an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in witnessing  Two suns.... or Two moons....or Two Whatever EVERY year since 2003. 
These are all F A K E. Some trickster from some other country is trying to fool us all by putting such catchy news along with convincing images. Before everyone starts believing, i thought someone should end it !

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