Dec 26, 2010

Manmathan Anbu

"Truth alone triumphs", is the single line i could draw outta the 156-minute movie. Kamal is known for his trying-out-things-differently style and he re-affirmed that once again. I wonder how many different love stories are going to come in future. While all possible combinations seem to be tried out already, such movies prove it otherwise. I heard poor reviews for this movie, with the most outright  attacking one being the single tag, "Manmadhan Sombu", given by one of my best friend, Karthik. I expected the worst outcome while entering into the theatre, and I was very satisfied while coming out. "Never have any expectations in life", said my brother always. This is one example why. It results in lesser disappointments.

When you are a Kamal-fan, watching the movie on Day #1, eagerly looking forward to it after the expectations it built, you have more reasons to get disappointed. Story isn't that gripping, as it moved too slow. Sound recording is slightly dull due to which I missed out some of the dialogues at the end.  Except for one amazing song, "Neela vaanam", written and sung spectacularly by Kamal himself,  the music is slightly lagging. Devi Sri prasad is a very good composer, upon whose brilliance, I have no doubt with. The theme music played in the trailer is very attractive and entertaining. It  makes/drives you to jump and just jive. I was thinking hard, who gave voice for Trisha as her character sounded different in this movie. As it turned out, I was shocked to hear that it was Trisha's OWN VOICE. Well, not every female lead here has done that but for the time she has spent in south India, there is no wonder she spoke native-tamil at ease.

Kamal brings in interesting insights into the story of an actress (Trisha), whose day-job involes intimacy enactment with the male lead. Two-timing suspicions from her fiance (Madhavan), forces him to set up a spy (Kamal) on her activities, which eventually leads to disaster in the end as he loses her trust and then herself. Trisha falls for the truthful man and dumps her fiance. "Trust alone triumphs", is another moral you can take out.

All the tamil movies move in a casual manner and turn to serious-mode during the climax. Manmadhan Anbu is the exact opposite. The last 20 mins is the most hilarious part of the entire show. Only at that moment, I felt like watching a Kamal-KSR movie. The problem is the ultimate brought out in Panchathanthiram. Once you 've seen such a movie, your expectation increases. You don't expect half-centuries from Sachin, do you? He already crossed Double Hundred in ODI's. Panchathanthiram is a similar kind of Double Hundred. Such flicks will not come often. Like Sachin did it once in 400 odd, ODI games. Walking into the theatre with very less expectations will give you an enjoyable ride. Overall, it's same as a Cruise in Paris. If this is released in English, could well be titled as The spy whom I Loved !


  1. So whats the rating you give to this movie??

  2. I was never a professional critic Dhuree. So I never rate the movies I write about. Straight from the heart, I write what I liked the most :D

    The first movie review i ever wrote, started with this:
    Well, honestly, first, i am not a writer and i have never written movie reviews in my life. If you are expecting a professional analysis with a 5 point scale rating, you are at the wrong place. This is just another youngster like you sharing his experience of a movie of our class.

  3. The Movie is a nice entertainment.I personally felt Madhavan's role & dialoges be sketched little better.Every actor did their part well.Trisha & Madhavan rocked.The scenic places were picturised very well.It was a great team effort with simple story line, built on all experiences (scenes,scripts)from Kamal's previous films.
    Kamal though a good actor annoys a little touching religion & sex (though subtly nowadays)


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