Dec 15, 2010

Movie: Chikku Bukku

 Movie review Chikku bukku சிக்கு புக்கு  
Just came home after a nice ride in chikku bukku. Little bumpy here and there but an enjoyable ride overall. No big story to scribble about. Reminded me of the pair-travel-together-throughout-movie types like Uthamaputhiran and Paiyaa. Just another love story (Two infact), screened  in parts subsequently on frequent intervals. Difference-element in this story is that a guy gives up his love for his best friend. Somehow, their children fall in love later on and they get together in the end.

The first-half runs very fast than the later and is also more interesting and fun-filled to watch. Thanks to Santhanam, he steals the comedy scenes with his Lollu-saba teammate, pairing him up as his 'Papa'. We were jumping outta the seat during most of his scenes.
The screenplay should 've been made more gripping as the story appears easily-guess-able. Not too many twists around and all you feel most of the time is like watching a slow+boring episode of a TV Serial.

Had Genilia been given Shreya's role, chemical reactions would 've yielded better products as this one is her typical type. She is just match-less at a jumping-all-day-charming-girl role...

No other good movies running these days. So this is worth watching on a fine weekend with your family or friends. And this is the amazing theme of the movie is: "If you run away with your friend's GF, one day, your daughter will run away with his son." Or in tamil, i would say, உலகம் உருண்ட டா.

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