Dec 22, 2010

Wherever, and Whenever !

Have a group of people you want to reach out to? All them own a mobile phone? Do you think SMS is a best way to reach them? Don't worry much about the implementation costs of building such a system. Google is working on a research project for SMS Broadcasting, and it is presently, absolytely  FREEEE !
The project name is Google SMS Channels. It works more like Twitter. Tecnically, it is more like a JMS Topic. There will be one person who publishes a message and it is texted to everyone who subscribes to his service.

So if you ask me where you can implement such systems, I will say, "Wherever". Mostly, News services can go ahead with such services. Stock prices. Business updates. Daily messages/quotes/Special Offers. Everywhere, you will find it useful. Even Blood donors can be reached out to easily, if they are all subscribed to a same group.

Say, i will create a group called, Indian Blood Donors, and whenever i want blood, i will publish a message. Need B+ 3 Units, Mylapore - Chennai, Contact: 9876543210. A message goes to all donors, and whoever is near the location and willing to give, can sync up with the pertaining person and get things done. This is a unique, and generic service which can be made use for virtually anything. Time will definitely uncover new, intuitive ways of utiliing this service. It's all about reaching a particular group of people through SMS. As simple as that. So, does anything strike you now? Like a suddenly lit bulb? TING !

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