Dec 23, 2011

The Changing Trend

After a long time, I'm blogging directly from my mobile. Travelling in a bus now. A commericial aired on the radio attracted my attention. It was about a .com company that sells garments online.
"How many times have I seen a .com advertisement, of late?", I asked myself.
If you closely notice on televsion, you will realize how many  new online ventures have rooted in the country. These days,  there are many businesses that operate only through online, without any single retail outlet. Rewind to 2006 (just five years) and there was only a handful of companies which used the Internet as a channel to sale  their stuff.
Most of the existing business expanded themself by adding online option as an additional sales channel. With Banking being the primary one among all such, the spread of this trend across domains is suprisingly even. Travel Ticket Booking, Online Shopping are two other fields that quickly come to my mind.
I bought a book (the biography of Steve Jobs) for 550 Rs from where as walking into a Landmark/Oxford store would charge me the cover price of 799. Few months back, I ordered the famous board game - "Scotland Yard" in for just 499 whereas yesterday when I noticied it's selling price to be 799 in a Mahindra Retail store. Not only do I save a significant amount of money here but also I get it delivered right at my doorstep.
Even the basic needs like groceries are now available online. (as the name indicates) first came up with this revolutionizing concept of delivering groceries at door steps. It will be interesting to see how deep an impact this is going to make in the next five years. Give a thought about the things that you cannot order online right now. You might very well find it available in the year 2016.

It will be interesting to see if I will continue blogging till that time, and also remember writing this post!

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