Dec 12, 2011

The Attraction Theory

This post is about an inspiring real life story that ended in success due to a rewarding character of sincerity and honesty. It also gives a glimpse about an Attraction theory of this Universe. It's about a friend of mine who lives here in Bangalore, and loves being here. One of the Indian cities he didn't like at all is Chennai and that's where he was about to get transferred.

He was not assigned to any project here, and was waiting for one to start with. Because it took too long, it was decided that he be moved to Chennai where there are opportunities. He is requested to prepare for the interview after which he would start working from there. He had the opportunity of not preparing well and failing the interview so that he can stay back happily, but he decided otherwise. 

Deep inside him, he always wanted to be here but he prepared sincerely for the interview to justify the belief his manager had on him. One week went by, and the interview is a day away. He is all set to face it, clear it, and move to Chennai even if he is not interested. In a professional life, we have to make many compromises. I, for one, work in Bangalore but I always wanted to be in Chennai. To his surprise, it later turned out that the expected position is already filled and he need not take the interview!

That's some surprise and a welcome one for him. He did not expect it at all. By failing the interview, he will lose reputation amongst his senior managers but this being a cancellation from the client's end, that is also saved. An unwanted trip is avoided successfully. Adding ice to the cake is his new assignment to a project that started today in Bangalore. Cannot ask for anything more! It may be a mere coincidence but I noticed two things in his experience which is worth writing about:
  1. If you earnestly seek something, the Universe will eventually give it. (An attraction theory I once read in a book called The Secret)
  2. With sincerity and honestly, success is sure to come.


  1. Good one Vikki. The title however could have been "The Attraction Theory". Even if the person was not sincere he wouldn't have to travel; so, its not the sincerity but the Attraction theory that worked.

  2. You get what you deserve . . . Gita . . .
    Kadamai Sei, Palanai ethirparkathey. . . means will come on its own. . .


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