Dec 17, 2011

Prevailance of E-Mail Hacking

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Did you ever check whether that email account you opened long time ago is still active? We all have this habit creating multiple e-mail accounts and forgetting them as days progress. Only one of the account is used primarily and the other unused ids are often ignored.

If you are one such person, it is highly likely that someone is selling laptops with your email account somewhere in South Korea or Southern California. Yes, I just experienced such an incident when I logged into my Yahoo! account today morning. An old friend of mine pinged me with a "Hi..." and I responded with delight in my native language. I found his communication style odd because the first thing you would say to someone you haven't spoke to for a longer while, is "How are you?" or "Eppidi irukka vikkee?".

He shared some link and said it will get me free laptops, and that too from Apple! How on earth would a company like Apple would do something like that. I did not believe. 999/1000 promotional offers you see on the Internet are just FAKE. Don't believe them. You should only trust that which comes directly from the official website of that company. Had this link he gave redirected me to some page of, I would have believed.

Follow the below conversation and you would know what is happening with your old unused email accounts.

A new way of Internet scam athrough e-Mail hacking
After I asked him for his address, he never responded!

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  1. ohhh i have so many unused accounts...thnx for the post.


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