Dec 23, 2012

Kumuki - Movie review

They say breath-taking, breath-taking without really meaning it. Well, this movie does it, and I mean it. Kumuki is one of the highly anticipated movies of this year, for it stars the grand-son of the great Sivaji Ganesan in the lead role for the first time. It was quite evident from the guest list of this movie's audio release - the reputation Sivaji ganesan has in & around Tamil Cinema industry. How often or when have you actually seen Rajinikant and Kamal hasan participate in the audio release of a movie starred by debutants? Sivaji's heritage is not the primary focus of this post, and it's here if you are interested in more of him. 

Another visual treat of the year
About the movie, first impression, my favourite part. It's the cinematography that stood out. There was a beautiful place, beautifully picturized, and presented on screen. And the Music, Oh yeah! every minute, whatever was shown, appeared awesome to the eye and ear. It was a treat to watch (those hills and plains) and as well listen to the songs (which are a runaway hit since its release). I am waking up everyday listening to Shreya Goshal's voice for more than a month, because my roomie will play this album first thing in the morning. And I liked it myself. There were four relentless guys seated (they never sat actually) near me who danced and danced for every song, despite multiple expellant warnings from the security. It just showed how well the songs got into people. If there existed a people's choice award, this movie's getting it is highly likely.

The plot was so very different and screen-played so well that it makes your heart ticking, "Oh's gonna  come now" every now and then but (to my disappointment) it never did before the last 5 minutes. I anticipated it to be a thriller movie that partly portrayed love but as the move progressed I realized that it was quite the opposite. The concentration on love and thrill could've been reconsidered. Some where I lost the interest in watching it. I liked many parts of it except for the mediocre climax. Keeping the element of uncertainty, that what-will-come-next aspect alive is the key to engaging screenplay. This movie does it successfully for a major part of it. Kumuki is a fresh attempt portraying fresh faces. A different experience altogether.

Credits to the director for making an attempt as brave as this. Double credit to Vikram prabhu for taking up such a challenging role in his debut film. After his grandpa and dad, the family's legacy in the film industry is sure to continue, with Vikram looking good to do more films. Playing a character as intense as what Karthi did in paruthiveeran, Vikram will make it to the list of top 10 debut performances, if there ever was one. 


  1. viewster
    Its a very good post. I was very pleased to find this site.

  2. everyone reviews the movie by watching the elephant... But u saw the movie in a different angle which s wonderful :)


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