Dec 21, 2012

The name is C R I C K E T

Prologue:  An unpublished blog, written on the early morning of April 2, 2011. It has stayed in my drafts until I saw it accidentally today. More than completing the reminder of it, publishing it untouched sounded like a nice idea. It was written at that moment, capturing the emotions of a nation better. However, the state of Indian domination in world cricket somehow took a stride since then. 

Many Indian journalists who lived their life penning down press articles were left tottering today. Nobody knew what to do next or whether what just happened is real or not. Actually, what happened is, M.S Dhoni towered a SIX toward deep mid-on. That 6 not only crossed the ropes, but sealed a game for India, which eventually happened to be the final of the ICC ODI World Cup 2011.

  After winning the EPIC in 1983, India have finally done it again. 28 years of wait is over, and the hungry generation's thirst is finally quenched after all the painful, impatient wait. Blood turned to blue and started to bleed. A nightfull of celebrations was going on and on and on..The Sun did turn up 6 hours later, but the night wasn't over yet. It was a dawn of INDIAN DOMINATION in World Cricket. The Team which was already the best test team in the world, has now reached the top spot, by winning the "CUP THAT COUNTS". 
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   I have never seen an entire nation cry together in extreme delight. It felt different. Very different. It wasn't the kind of formal handshake that happen all around and you go to bed after dinner. This is a night in which we forgot to have dinner, hugged and jumped, again and again, cried in overwhelming joy, and never went to bed. We continued to live that moment, flabbergasted completely, witnessing a special, many-year-memorable, re-written History, which is a World Cup Victory.  

Were Australians as ecstatic as me? When they won it three straight times? 1999, 2003, and 2007. I am not sure. This i

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  1. ur last sentence about australians feeling is awesome :) :)


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