Dec 7, 2012

Movie Review: Life of Pi

It was quarter to nine, as I skimmed through my emails. "Let's watch a movie", said JP, my roomie. Little did I know then that I was in for the "ride of a life time", which is witnessing Piscine Molitor Patel's breath-taking journey. A visually vibrant and an incredibly impressive one to watch and get amazed.  Out of nowhere came this outstanding movie, and blew me away. It seems it is the "much awaited" of this year, and I just didn't know! For once in my life, I don't have to read the subtitle when a foreign language is being spoken in the middle of an English movie. For this is gonna get really popular, I can just quote the name of the movie to anyone if I wanted to introduce my mother language - Tamil. 
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If the plot of the movie is about faith, then its making has a lot to talk about. Getting rejected 5 times, before the book was accepted and published, becoming an award-winning best seller, and then a 9-year wait before the technology can evolve enough for the artistic on-screen portrayal of Pi's Life. Having survived all that and hitting the big screen is a great leap of faith in itself. Only a director with this amount of faith could've delivered a movie with such great heights of faith. One more 'faithy' fact is the debutant Suraj Sharma's selection for playing the lead role, who had overcome 2000 other nominations for the same role. Not in terms of plot but when popularity and "awards  in store" is considered, Life of Pi is the next Slumdog Millionaire.  
I am a photography lover, and this movie has master pieces all over it. Deep blue sea, a brown skinned man, orange-ish sunrise and the yellowish tiger., i thought. I just wished I was there myself (although not with that Tiger). There is some amount of titanicism in the ship wreck and some amount of avatarism in the portrayal of Nature. And I am happy the world got to see Munnar which is one of the most beautiful place in the Indian state of Kerala. Really loved watching it on 3D. And I admired the attention to detail. How pondicherry was described, how a poster of a older tamil movie is poster'ed on a wall to highlight how backdated the movie is, plus the biological changes Pi goes through, for having starved 277 odd days in extreme weather conditions. 

Although an adventure flick, Life of Pi actually attempts to define God. Not straight to the point, but has left substantial inferences from where we can figure a way on our own. Spirituality is sprayed all over this adventurous Pizza. Pi's life is as uncertain as 22/7. Pi's life redefines Hope and faith. Pi's life is waiting to "sweep you away". Don't miss this ride. 

Here are few articles that I read, before I sat to write this blog:
This is my first review of a English movie. 


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