Sep 30, 2009

The Dreams: Past, Present, Future

I know this day will come ! I once roamed across the streets with my friends. No money in pocket. We had the time, Hunger & strength to eat whatever we wanted to...but not money....

Today, i have all the money. I do have time. I am hungry & i do have the strength to eat. But, where are my friends ? We are well separated now and chasing different goals, staying in different parts of the country.

One day, when we retire, we will have all the money, time & people too. But there won't be any strength/hunger to eat.

Is this what life is ?
Anyway, one fine day, we will meet again. We will have everything. Awaiting this moment.
I'm glad i took the below picture during our graduation.

[Click picture to enlarge]
Align Center
From the Left, it's
Syed Mubarak (Bai)
Venkatesh (military)
Seetha raman (Seethu)
Sailesh (Sail)
Barani (Captain)
Kanthan(our Mama)
Muthu raman (our boss-தலைவர்),

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