Sep 30, 2009

Setting up jBPM 3.2.6 with jBoss ESB Server 4.5 GA

jBPM is an Open-source BPM Tool from jBoss. This blog will help anyone to setup jBPM in a Windows PC with an interactive video tutorial. You can find the tool description in the official site.
This is the environment i am using.


jBoss : jBoss.4.2.3-GA
jBoss ESB : jbossesb-server-4.5-GA (Download)
jBPM : jBPM-3.2.6-GA (Download)
jBoss Tools : JBoss Tools 3.0.1.GA (Download)
java : jdk1.6.0_14(Download)
Eclipse : 3.4 (jee-ganymede-SR2-win32)(Download)
Ant : apache-ant-1.7.1 (Download)


The above links are dated and hence might not redirect properly :(


In case, if you don't have these files, just click on the download link next to the names to download them. Even if the links are broken, you can google out to easily locate the installer.
jBoss Server 4.2.3 GA will come built-in with jBossESBserver 4.5 GA. So no need to download two files.


  • Apache Ant is optional. It will be useful to deploy the in-built samples after we set this up.
  • Java version need not be 1.6 excatly. Even 1.4 or 1.5 is fair enough.
  • This blog sets up jBPM with an ESB Server.
  • This means that in addition to the normal setup, it

Setting up:

Watch this interactive Video Tutorial.

Installing jBPM 3 with jBoss ESB: part 1

Installing jBPM 3 with jBoss ESB: part 2


  1. thanks you very much !

  2. Certainly this is helpful. Could you please let me know where we can find the part-3 video pleaes. Thanks again

  3. @Above: There are only 2 parts dude !

  4. Hello, Thank you so much for this two videos.

    I would like to help me found an architecture solution for my Graduation Project.

    I need to use jBPM / ESB / J2EE / Mysql and i don't know which version or solution i can use.

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Hey vignesh,

    nice work bro...didnt knew abt your blog till i stumbled onto it while searching for how to work with jboss...:)...keep rocking dude..

    Arun Ravindran (;)

  6. Hi,

    I appreciate for your post, and learn much from it. It’s really an excellent work. i always take interest in JBPM Web Application.


  7. Thank you so much for you help on jbpm 3 installation


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