Sep 30, 2009

A True Story: Life, Love, Music

This monday, a surprising incident happened, strange enough to increment my blog post count. I was on my way back to chennai from home town. Boarded on the bus at 6 AM. Calm, Cool climate supplemented by a chill rain, forced everyone to deep sleep.
Mid-way, i woke up & put on my iPod, listening to the massive number of assorted tamil songs i had. Suprising incident was happened when i saw a beautiful girl, three rows from my place, stood up & was gearing up to get down. That might be the first time i saw such a beautiful girl without any make up & who was "Just Woke up". Not only me, but any youngster will certainly spare a stare at her. But the actual surprise is all about the series of FOUR COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TAMIL songs that played in my iPod.
First one, An instrumental from Minnale, as soon as i saw her,

In case if you don't know, this is the song that follows when Madhavan saw Reema Sen for the first time in Minnale....But anyway...Don't laugh...I know i am not Madhavan but she was better than reema sen.
Second One, as soon as she got down, "Ayyo Pattikichu...." from Rhythm.....

Third One, as soon as i got down, "Engeyo paartha mayakkam......", from yaaradi nee moghini. It's the song Dhanush sings when he lose his lady love....

Fourth One, the most fabulous of all, as soon as i was about to cross the road in front of my office...
Hey.. Freeya vudu freeya vudu freeya vudu maamu
Vaazhkaiku illa guarantee..
Freeya vudu freeya vudu freeya vudu maamu
Un kanavukku illa warranty

Hey..Onnu rendu moonunu ennurathuku ulla.
Un nethiyile oththa roopa ottiruva mella.....

Now i don't know whether you found it surprising, but i certainly did. The previous numbers are just entertainment, i had to say. But the last song was for real. It's what life is. Just because she is so beautiful, I can't roam behind her like the heroes do in movies. With a big smile on my face, i stopped wondering about this unique coincidence, reached office ahead of a challenging week...

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