Sep 14, 2009

Marvellous, Majestic, Mind-Blowing Mom

Today is a big day for India Cricket as my country won the COMPAQ CUP 2009 an hour ago. Sachin Tendulkar, the master blaster didn't fail to blast today. I'm proud of the way my country is performing.
But earlier in the afternoon, i almost cried in joy. I saw a very emotional moment on the News.

The crowd at Flushing Meadows erupted when a Belgian, Kim Clijsters won the US Open final 7-5, 6-3. She's the first ever unseeded woman to win the US Open. She only returned to the game five weeks ago (after a two-year break to start a family).

When the game finished Clijsters dropped to her knees in celebration, sobbing.

Proud of you Mom:

As she received the trophy, Kim's 18-month-old daughter was brought down to the court to see her lift it. She quit playing tennis two years back for her family. She gave birth to a cute little angel, Jada Ellie.
When the lead players like serena are training intensely to win the 'HOME' Tournament, it's really strange & surprise to see someone, UNSEEDED, make a comeback to tennis & literally WON the tournament. Have something like this ever happened ?


This has been so exciting for me and I just wanted to start these three tournaments just to get back into the rhythm of playing tennis and just to get used to the surroundings again. So I have to thank the USCA for giving me the wild card to come back.
You should have seen the face of that little angel when she saw her mom on the big screen, giving interview after winning the match. That moment made me cry.


The Bottom Line

This is the reason why i wrote this blog.
When there are women who were selfish enough to give up their kids just for the sake of achieving what they wanted to, Kim Clijsters proved herself as a marvellous, majestic, mind-Blowing Mom.
Proud of you Kim.

#update: Sep12, 2010

Would anyone believe it ? Kim is simply amazing., She regained the US Open crown once again for this year - 2010. Wow, man - i am enjoying this. Great going Kim. Keep rocking. 

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