May 20, 2010

[Book] One Night @ the Call Center

The second book of Chetan is as fun-filled as his first, but there are some serious trepidations i noticed during my way to the 276th page. Here are my observations.
  • Still wondering why the author left a request to note down certain things @ the beginning ? It doesn't ring a bell to me !
  • Surprised to see the author providing a prologue on the reason behind writing the book. There is always a special reason/moment that inspires every author to embark upon the subject. It's interesting to see that he got a story of a night in a night ! I mean the story of One night at a call center in one night's train journey !
  • Beguiled by the Author's humorousness. There are umpteen sentences that stimulated a smile. Well done Chetan, your articulations are awesome & aspiring ;-)
  • And congrats to the author for making an attempt to articulate one single night in 275 pages ! Slightly boring, when compared to FPS, but worth reading once !
  • Shocked to see the Author's blatancy in assailing Americans. How can someone so publicly boo a countrymen ? How can he say they are stupids ? How Americans will feel when they read this book ? Is there an equivalent book by an American that writes Indians are insane?
  • Heart-broken when i realized that the Majority of Indian Youth's talent are wasted by dumping them into designations that aren't  worth devoting time. Youth are our real strength. How can we waste their potential for just answering phone calls ? That too, for another country ?
  • Molestation of Modeling aspirants - heard about it. But reading about it for the first time. This is inhumanity at it's insane best. I feel downhearted for those women.
  • Are such morons really exist by the name of Managers ? I feel like this Manager character looks hyperbolical to me. All the 7 Managers i have worked under during my career are Gem of a Gentlemen. I guess i am lucky and gifted !
  • His management jargons really rolled me over the floor. Those Strategic Variables...Rightsizing....Apples-to-Oranges....Pertinent Insights....They are all fun...especially when 'VRoom' responds/reacts to it. I liked his character than the lead roles...reminded me more of the Ryan character (in the Author's previous book - FPS).
  • I cannot accept the 'God-on-the-Phone' philosophy. Just couldn't digest it. It's a Book. A Story. I accept everything but still, that part could been handled better !
  • Obscenity is all over the book. Probably, the author decided that his readers are 18-24 type and choose such an articulation style. Anyway, it's a Fun-to-read book and i enjoyed reading it ;-)

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