May 14, 2010

From a Minuscule Mind

I often think of few ideas but did not even jot them...So this post is an effort to persist all of  them,.  I already posted this blog in another place for a different purpose but this one is different. Every time i think of something, i will remember it and add to this list of My Ideas. Here i bring my five cents to the table. Few ideas that ignited my minuscule mind. I later found that most of them already ringed a bell in someone else's mind too - long back !

#August 31, 2010 
Effects of the Global warming Trepidation: 
A quest for Fuel alternatives

Research studies state that Petrol/Diesel will become extinct after 20-30 years. So it's time my minuscule mind get started to peer and ponder over the possibilities.
Dear all Automobile Engineers, 
  • Any automobile that can run with sea water?
  • Any automobile that will not exhaust ozone-depleting gases?
  • Or let me put it this way: Any automobile that will run by absorbing the existing Carbon-di-Oxide and exhaust Oxygen?
  • Any automobile that can run with solar energy? Whenever i travel in the day, it should absorb sunlight and power the engine. It should also charge a battery simultaneously which will prove useful in the night.  

#August 07, 2010
Smart - Mobile phone contacts
Well, one will have 300-500 contacts but will frequently be in touch with a 50 or 100. Every time i lookup my phone book to call any of those 50, i unwantedly have to navigate contacts amongst those remaining 450.
I want my phone to hold only those 50 contacts. Not that it should delete the rest but it should smartly store them  in a separate place where i can go and lookup if i want to. Whenever there is an incoming call, the phone should be smart enough to list the person's name if s/he is not in the 50 but in the 450.
This will make life easy ;)

#June 29, 2010
A Digital Wall photo on the living room:
Digital photo frames started prevailing already i guess. This idea is about a Wall photo frame that changes with time. It should have it's own internal memory and must run as a slideshow or as configured by the user. One of the could-be next-gen utilities that will make people spell the sentence, "Technology has developed a lot".

Automated Traffic signal Lights:
Use of traffic signal does help traffic police reduce physical work but often, they are a bit meaningless. A GREEN for a lane with barely 2 or no vehicles and a RED for the other lane that is 'fully loaded'. Can the Traffic light towers become intelligent enough to sense the congestion around it and operate accordingly ? Any robust Sensors ? Are electronic engineers listening?

Ambulance, Ambulance, Give way !
Often, Ambulances get stuck in signals or traffic. If the Chief Minister is starting to work (happens in Chennai), 50-100 cops will block the whole road which in turn cause complete congestion around the area. Can these men-in-kakhi's be given Ambulance Alerts such that the required traffic police can help ease the transport ? RFID's ? GPS ?

May #13, 2010
Automated Plants Watering: I was asked to think of a real-world problem where computing can help resolve. This idea occurred to me when i noticed an unmanned garden during my commutation.
Why can't be there an automated gardener ? There is already devices available for watering. It just lags the capability to sense the situation. When to ? Any electronic device that's planted below the surface capable of figuring out the humidity. This part can even be skipped and just set a timer - say every morning 6 AM. But how to deal with occasional rain and climate change ? That's why i thought a moisture monitor is mandate !
Live Video Streaming as a Service: Modern day people have very less time for participating in Friend's/Family's special occasions. I recently went to my Uncle's home for one such occasion and startled to see a Web Cam broadcasting the ceremony live to his son in Malaysia. If the IPL can be broadcasted live in YouTube, these events can also be broadcasted based on a pay-per-occasion type. I believe this would happen in 10 years from now. "You will receive a wedding invite by e-mail and a link to the event. Perhaps, some credentials too". Just a business idea !
Integrating Blood banks & Donors: This one from an 'integration' mind. There are hundreds of blood bank across the country. Thousands of donors. If all these systems and donors are integrated into a single system, requests can be routed to one place and the system should respond with a bank having the required group and/or intimate the donors via SMS based on a place preference.This is a good choice for an under-graduation final year project !
Smile Please !
Don't we expect a picture with our dear ones when we dine together ? Can't there be a camera that picture's the diners without their knowledge when they are simultaneously sparing a smile ? You enjoy the evening and finally the restaurant gives you a printed photo copy along with the bill. Something like this. Wouldn't you be surprised to see one ? Afaik, pictures that look natural are far better than the one we purposefully pose together. This is more of a management trick towards customer satisfaction !
Did you forget to Attach ?
This is more of a "Techie Thought". My friend karthik recently shared me a script. It will alert me if i forget to add a subject before sending a mail. I thought there should be a code that will throw a pop-up saying "files not yet attached" whenever you send a mail without attachments with below content in the body..."Please find attached" or PFA or some similar sort of text the user usually use. When there is a program that checks if the subject is empty or not....Why can't we write a program that checks if the message body contains some XXX text ? Why can't we make the program to also check if an attachment is present or not ?!
That's the mistake people make most of the time. Forgetting to attach...not Empty 1subjects....I use to just backtrack the order...i type the body -> subject -> attachment(if any)->cc ->To -> SEND.

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