May 5, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar starts Tweeting !

What a time to join twitter ? I praised myself. A week back i joined twitter and to my surprise, my hero joins Twitter. I first did not recognize it when my friend Karthik texted me, "God in twitter. Really cool". Then i asked him again and heard the good news. Sachin_rt is how he registered himself. As the actual names sachin, sachintendulkar, srt - are already taken by his fans.Don't ask me where it was published. Ask where it was Not. I mean, every possible News channels, social forumns, blogs started echoing it. He started with the following tweet.
Finally the original SRT is on twitter n the first thing I'd like to do is wish my colleagues the best in the windies,
And his bio is simple yet striking. Proud Indian, it said. It seems like he owns a Blackberry mobile and tweets from it. In 20 hours, 65,000 started following him. This will impact the twitter traffic tantalizingly. I just noticed the followers count minute by minute. I click the refresh button, booom - 200+. One more refresh - again 200+. I don't think anyone else in the whole world might have got this popular. The highest followers count is for Ashton Kutcher (4,850,653 followers). I think, Sachin will easily cross him in less than a month ;-)
The two images below, shows how fast & fascinating is the rate of increase in his followers count.

Now the good part of it, his fans feels closer to him. They get to know what he is doing everyday.  I saw some fan comments saying, "Wow...I am following SRT...Feels great...". Same for me. Every Die hard fan has the same passion. His one line, "All the best to my team in windies" will inspire every single player in the Indian team competing in the Caribbean now. Every tweet will now become news headlines on TV channels. How is his injury. And all. He said abt his friends also. Like this one.  Sehwag has become father of another baby boy. Even he discloses unseen pictures of him. Like the one he uploaded below.

Sachin, if you are reading this, A biiiiiiiiig thank you from all of us.......

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